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I apologize for taking so long to update the site. I spend most of my energy making music, and hopefully moving forward. I think most people are familiar with the common writer's axiom "write what you know", and pretty much all of my writing comes from my own life experience. It takes time, and over the years I've tended towards more directness in my expression. The many and subtle ways that everyone lies to themselves, the countless traps that our own fragile egos set for us, and the obvious and hidden fears each of us wrestle with in daily life provide plenty of material. The trick, I think, is to look it square in the face - or at least try. I've lived this latest record for almost two years. I've done my best to say what I think and feel without excessive embellishment.

My success in this regard is not really something I can measure. I can only see from my perspective, try as I might to imagine others.

As for the music itself, I try to convey the feeling of my experience in sound as best I can.

I realize I am out of step with the popular culture, and we as a company have probably always been.

I have no regrets about this, though it often leaves me with an unpleasant feeling of aloneness.

The strangely contradictory upside to this knowledge is knowing so many share the feeling.

Some of these kindred spirits are nice enough to write me encouraging emails. I find this the most rewarding part of my career.

After some years it's become clear to me that the desire to be understood, or on a deeper level - to be known - has been my one true lasting motivation.

Any artist who claims to not care what other people think of their work is either lying, or making really bad art. It is, after all, communication."Noesis" is probably not a term familiar to many outside the realms of philosophy or religion. It can refer to activities of mind, things our consciousness or spirits do, as opposed to things we may or may not believe. It's often used more colloquially to refer to an insight or intuition. It somehow seemed an appropriate title for this latest record. I hope you feel it.



We are in the process of redoing our site, for now you can visit the old site - check back soon.



Naked Music began life as a production company back in 1992, when founders Dave Boonshoft and Jay Denes scored immediate underground success with releases on indies such as OM, Francois Kevorkian’s Wave imprint, and UK’s XL Records. The “Naked Sound” was born at the intersection of dance, soul and electronic music.

A string of high profile remixes followed with artists as diverse as Sade, Kelis, Maxwell, and Britney Spears (to name a few) getting the “Naked Treatment”.

It quickly became apparent that true creative freedom could only be achieved by starting our own label and following our own muse. Hence, Naked Music Recordings was founded in 1998. Our mission: to release forward-thinking music that defies easy categorization.

Our first CDs were compilation releases, generally leaning heavily on our own artists recordings combined with various singles we bought from independent artists. They were extremely popular and trendsetting – within a year many other companies were trying to emulate our graphic style and vibe. We soon grew tired of the format, it was time to move on.

Around 2000 we entered into a joint venture with EMI/Virgin. Signed a few wonderful artists and made their records. Blue Six, Lisa Shaw, Aya, Miguel Migs, Gaelle, and a number of others. It was nice (being polite here!) for a while, but we really enjoy our indie freedom and are glad to have it back.

Over multiple 12” releases and albums, we’ve tried to keep a consistently high standard of songwriting with top-notch production while steadily refining our basic aesthetic sense. As many have noted, we don’t put out a lot of product, but when we do it’s worth the wait.

Many of our CDs have achieved have a lasting “cult” status and we’re very proud of this. These days we make what we please in a completely unconstrained manner. Although the industry is in a highly volatile state, we are blessed to be able to continue to do our thing on our own terms. It’s often at times of great upheaval that really unique and beautiful things occur. We intend to be a part of this transformation as long as possible.

Our Latest release is the new Blue Six CD “Noesis”. Another step forward.